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Accessory cord

Unit Price:

USD 71,94

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USD 71,94

Minimum Order Quantity:

Not informed

Type of Payment:

T/T (Wire Transfer)

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1. Product Name: Accessory cord

2. Accessory Cords are a multipurpose cord used for climbing, rescue and for general utility applications due to its excellent knotability. The polyamide material allows for greater flexibility without losing any stability.

TIP: The diameter of the accessory cord can be identified from 2mm to 6mm by the number of tracers.

4mm: Weight = 11.8 g/m. Tenacity = 3.2 kN
The Accessory Cords meet safety requirements relevant to European regulations as well as those of the UIAA (International Mountaineering and Climbing Foundation). Only 4mm to 8mm sizes are certified to EN564.

WARNING: These access cords are NOT for use as climbing ropes

Export Description: Our products are exported to Russia, Kazakhstan, Sweden, the United States, Chile, Australia, Singapore, Thailand, Iran, the United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, American, Canada,Taiwan and other countries and regions.

  • accessory cord
  • polyethylene rope
  • polypropylene rope
  • polyester rope
  • nylon rope
  • cotton rope
  • sisal rope
  • jute rope
  • pvc rope

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Delivery Timeframe:

Within 30 Days


FOB - Free on Board

Packaging Details:

Packaging according to foreign trade standards

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