Your company needs to be PREMIUM!

Gain more benefits on the largest B2B platform for exports in Latin America:
  • Access to exclusive tools for international prospecting and customized support.
  • An affordable digital marketing solution for exports is essential for small and medium-sized enterprises.
  • Your products showcased to the world in a 24/7 storefront.
Laptop and Cellphone
Laptop and Cellphone

The most affordable international marketing solution is essential for small and medium exporters who want to promote their products 24/7 online.

The importance of developing a digital strategy for exports

In an increasingly interconnected world, our international digital strategy is the most accessible path to:
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Strengthening your company's image in new markets

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Expanding the reach of your brand to potential business partners

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Expand and diversify your business

What are the benefits of the Premium plan?

Customized profile

Customized profile with personalized banner, translated and reviewed in 04 languages.

Free companies have a standard banner and automatic translation.

Yearly credits.

60 credits per year to increase your business opportunities.

Free companies only have 3 free credits to test the platform.

Promote products

Promote up to 50 products and include 05 images for each product you publish.

Free companies have 5 products with 1 image each.

One step ahead

Respond to quotation requests 48 hours ahead of your competitors.

Free companies have to wait 48 hours to respond.

24/7 promotion

Your promoted products showcased to the world 24/7 with platform highlights.

Free companies have a promoted showcase without highlights.

Priority in searches

Priority in search results on our portal and greater visibility.

Free companies appear after premium companies.

Sales offers

Ability to make up to 1 product sale offer per bi-month.

Free companies can only make 1 offer per year.

Verified badge

Verified company seal ensures greater credibility for you.

Free companies do not have a seal, making it difficult to start business with clients.

B2B Analytics

Discover how many people are viewing your company profile.

Free companies do not have access to visit statistics.

Customized support

Personalized support with training to optimize your online promotion.

Free companies only have online support and no account manager.

Still not convinced?

BP Trade Portal's PREMIUM plan offers the best cost-effective solution your company will find in the market!

A cost about 30 times lower than participating in an international trade fair!

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US$ 539/year

less than US$ 2 / day

  • Best cost-effectiveness
  • 1 YEAR of exposure
  • Promotion worldwide
Business Fair


per event *estimated value

  • 30 times more expensive
  • Only 3 days of exposure
  • Promotion only at the event location
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The Premium Plan from BP Trade Portal is your essential tool for international trade!

Start now and get these awesome benefits included on the BP Trade Portal!
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    Since 2021, AGROCAVE has been exporting via BP Trade Portal, expanding the distribution of animal feed. They have used multilingual hotsites, offers, and email marketing. Dialogues with partners in Chile, Panama, and Ecuador are ongoing, pending product regulations. Despite challenges and unrealized contacts, the experience highlights the value of proactivity, persistence, and strategy. Special mention goes to the support from the BP Trade Portal team and cost savings on international travel.


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