SEPT 4, 2019: B2Brazil and JD.ID sign cooperation agreement

Leading e-commerce portals from Brazil and Indonesia enter partnership to promote and on-board Brazilian companies and products via the JD.ID platform

São Paulo – September 4, 2019:  B2Brazil Serviços Interativos Ltda. (B2Brazil) and PT Jingdong Indonesia Pertama (JD.ID) signed a cooperation agreement for B2Brazil to sell Brazilian products on one of the leading B2C cross border e-commerce marketplaces in Indonesia -- JD.ID.

B2Brazil, the leading B2B cross border e-commerce marketplace in Brazil, with over 115,000 registered companies, promotes Brazilian companies internationally, and will select Brazilian companies from its client base and partnerships to promote and on-board on the JD.ID cross border ecommerce marketplace in Indonesia.  JD.ID is the Indonesian platform and business unit of China’s JD.com, the second largest B2C e-commerce platform in China.  Indonesia, the world’s fourth largest country with a population of more than 260 million people, is a priority for JD.com, and JD.ID claims more than 20 million registered users and a catalog of more than one million products.

As part of the agreement, B2Brazil will identify, register, train and on-board Brazilian companies and their products.  B2Brazil’s large base of B2B clients from Brazil produce and sell all types of products globally and will now be able to target Indonesian consumers as a result of the cooperation agreement.  JD.ID will provide access to its marketplace and users, online tools to sell products and billing and payment processing services.  JD.ID will further recommend B2Brazil to Brazilian suppliers who would like to sell on the JD.ID platform.  Fulfillment will be completed through cross border delivery services.  Through their partnership, the parties are creating a turn-key solution for Brazilian companies to sell to Indonesian consumers.  

“JD.ID has over the past four years achieved a leading position for cross border B2C ecommerce in Indonesia with a large base of users and SKUs”, said John Gardiner, Partner and Director of International at B2Brazil.  “They are aggressively bringing global products to Indonesian consumers, and we believe that our partnership and efforts will create a strong demand for Brazilian companies to sell in Indonesia and for Indonesian consumers to buy Brazilian products.”

"We are very excited to embark on this new partnership with B2Brazil," said Zhang Hong Mei, Head of Cross-border of JD.ID.  "We are constantly thriving to bring new and unique products from all over the world to our growing base of JD.ID users, and now we will promote and sell products from Brazil.”

About B2Brazil
B2Brazil (https://b2brazil.com) is the leading B2B trade platform in Brazil focused on generating business-to-business contacts and transactions between Brazilian and international companies. B2Brazil is the solution for companies that want to expand their business effectively and efficiently, increasing international sales and prospecting global clients. The core business is to be an important trade facilitator between the Brazil and the world through its online directories and platforms in Portuguese, English, Spanish, and Chinese.  Through its B2B TradeCenter (http://b2btrade.center), B2Brazil provides offline trade services including market entry, sales representation, import/export and logistics services.

About JD.ID
JD.ID (http://www.jd.id) is one of the leading B2C cross-border ecommerce platforms in Indonesia, with over 20 million users and 1 million products.  JD.ID is the Indonesian business unit of JD.com, China’s second largest B2C ecommerce platform.  JD.ID first operated in Indonesia in 2015 and currently has 12 product choice categories for sale which will continue to grow along with the development of its business in Indonesia. The variety of product categories varies from mother and child, smartphones, electronic devices, to luxury.

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