Leading trade portals from Brazil and China will celebrate Brazilian Independence Day and Chinese National Day with discounted services, webinars and other services

Sao Paulo – August 29, 2018: B2Brazil Serviços Interativos Ltda. (B2Brazil) and Zhejiang Jumore E -Commerce Co., Ltd (JumoreGlobal) are celebrating Brazilian Independence Day (7 September) and Chinese National Day (1 October), and the winners are their members.  The celebration will begin on 29 August and run through 10 October.

Trade between Brazil and China is very important to both countries and B2Brazil and JumoreGlobal are launching benefits and activities for their respective members to grow business opportunities in each other's home countries. B2Brazil is the leading B2B trade portal in Brazil, promoting Brazilian companies internationally and non-Brazilian companies in Brazil. Jumore is a world leading E4B cross-border e-commerce platform for commodities, goods and services.

During the celebration period, the partners are offering webinars to each others bases presenting their respective markets, trade opportunities and offline and online services. They are also offering a special 2 for 1 bundling of the Premium Memberships, with a 40% discount off of JumoreGlobal's Gold / Platinum rates. They are further offering offline advice on trading between Brazil and China to companies.

“We are very excited to be able to work with JumoreGlobal to expand trade opportunities for our respective members”, said John Gardiner, Partner and Director of International at B2Brazil. “This is a win-win for China and Brazil.”

"We are pleased to celebrate our countries' special days with these benefits and activities," said Leo Zheng, Deputy Director of International at Jumore. "Through our webinars, Brazilian companies will learn about doing business in China and how JumoreGlobal can increase business opportunities, and Chinese companies will learn about doing business in Brazil and how B2Brazil can increase business opportunities."

About B2Brazil.com
B2Brazil.com is a leading business-to-business company focused on promoting business-to-business (or B2B) contacts and transactions between Brazilian companies and companies in the rest of the world. B2Brazil.com is the solution for firms wishing to expand their business in an effective and efficient manner, increasing international sales and prospecting global clients. The company promotes not only Brazilian exporters, but also Brazilian service providers who can facilitate trade and local transactions and business. The core business is an important facilitator of trade between Brazil and the world using English-language media primarily through its online directory and marketplace located at www.b2brazil.com. Member-company hotsites can be readily translated into every major language. Buyers from 200 countries use B2Brazil.com’s services to obtain product and company information to help them source both products and services from and within Brazil.

About Jumore
JUMORE is a global supply chain digital platform. Its digital ecosystem provides a global marketplace where goods and services are transacted on a B2B basis. JumoreGlobal (www.jumoreglobal.com) is the international trade portal of Jumore, covers all industry chains from raw materials to finished industrial and consumer products and offers a full spectrum of supply chain services. We are committed to facilitating successful deals for our members by connecting them with global buyers and suppliers, delivering integrated trade and marketing services, and providing the most precise business opportunities. JumoreGlobal Strengths includes:
- Efficient Portal to Chinese and Global Market;
- Latest Global Business Opportunities;
- Precise Business Matchmaking; and
- Professional Digital Marketing Solutions.


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About BP Trade Portal

BP Trade Portal is a leading business-to-business (B2B) company focused on providing digital solutions to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to engage in foreign trade. BP Trade Portal is the solution for firms wishing to expand their business in an effective and efficient manner, increasing international sales and prospecting global clients.