JANUARY 17, 2013: Banco do Brasil and B2Brazil sign an agreement to promote the Bank’s clients in the international marketplace

Exclusive partnership is a result of successful pilot program between B2Brazil.com and the principal financial institution of Brazil.

Exclusive partnership is a result of successful pilot program between B2Brazil.com and the principal financial institution of Brazil

SÃO PAULO – JANUARY 17, 2013: Banco do Brasil (BB) and B2Brazil Serviços Interativos (B2Brazil.com), a B2B portal focused on promoting Brazilian companies internationally, signed an agreement to promote Banco do Brasil’s clients in the international market. The partnership is a consequence of the successful results from a pilot program where selected clients from Brasil WebTrade (BWT), an electronic platform for foreign trade developed by BB, were migrated to B2Brazil.com’s base of clients.

A major objective of the agreement is to increase the dissemination and the promotion abroad of micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs), given that there exist few channels specializing in this area. In Brazil, the sector represents 99% of enterprises, employing 56% of the total workforce, and contributing approximately 20% of GDP. MSMEs comprise one of the largest groups of business clients of B2Brazil.com and BB.

The partnership provides:

• Development of a customized “Private Label” trade portal (powered by B2Brazil.com) for which BB’s clients may register and include their products and services to be promoted globally.

• Migration of BWT’s clients to B2Brazil.com, as well as the promotion of B2Brazil.com to the rest of BB’s business clients.

• Creation of free and exclusive “hotsites” for BB’s clients in English, identified with BB’s logo, that will be distributed on BB’s “Private Label” service and on the B2Brazil.com flagship service, increasing the international exposure of the companies and their products. In addition, these companies will have the opportunity to upgrade to “Premium Membership”, the highest level of benefits offered by B2Brazil.com, with benefits such as priority in search results, customized online marketing services and support from qualified specialists.

• Offer BB’s products and services for foreign exchange and foreign trade to the entire membership base of B2Brazil.com, including trade financing, letters of credit and other financial services.

• Development of a unique transaction system for buyers to purchase products and services from sellers. This system will be available on both B2Brazil.com and on the “Private Label” portal developed for BB.

“We have an excellent relationship with Banco do Brasil, and are very pleased to expand and cement it with this exclusive agreement”, said John Gardiner, CEO of B2Brazil.com’s holding company. “This is a perfect deal for both parties because we are both strong in the MSME market and our businesses completely complement each other. The bank offers many comprehensive trade services that we will never offer, and likewise we have the expertise to promote their clients together with our base of Brazilian companies.”

BB has maintained its position as an important partner in the micro and small companies segment. At the end of 2011, it had 2.1 million clients in this category, an increase of 19.5% compared to 2010.

"B2Brazil.com exceeded our expectations in the pilot program," said Admilson Monteiro Garcia, Executive Director of International Business and Affairs. "As a consequence, we are expanding this partnership that consists in the provision of a platform, provided by B2Brazil.com, to promote our clients internationally and to offer financial services to support the transactions and business generated by our clients," added the executive.

About Banco do Brasil 
Banco do Brazil S.A. (BB) is the largest financial institution in Latin America, with more than R$ 1 trillion in assets and one of the principal agents of economic and social development in Brazil. It is present in 5,431 municipalities, representing 98% of the total, maintaining 5,317 branches and 44,156 ATM terminals themselves. In June 2012, it served more than 57 million clients, from individuals and corporations, to which it offered solutions such as banking, investing, asset management, insurance, pension plan and capitalization and means of payment, among others. To ensure agile client support, BB invests in modern technology and the constant improvement of processes, in addition to employing over 113 thousand professionals.

With operations in 139 countries, physically present in 24 of them, and the others through 1,128 correspondent banks, BB is positioned as the Brazilian bank with the largest proprietary overseas network and these operations are driven by three factors: the existence of Brazilian communities, the internationalization of domestic companies and the expansion of trade relations between Brazil and the world.

About B2Brazil.com B2Brazil.com is a leading business-to-business company focused on promoting business-to-business (or B2B) contacts and transactions between Brazilian companies and companies in the rest of the world. B2Brazil.com is the solution for firms wishing to expand their business in an effective and efficient manner, increasing international sales and prospecting global clients. The company promotes not only Brazilian exporters, but also Brazilian service providers who can facilitate trade and local transactions and business. The core business is an important facilitator of trade between Brazil and the world using English-language media primarily through its online directory and marketplace located at www.b2brazil.com. Member-company hotsites can be readily translated into every major language. Buyers from 200 countries use B2Brazil.com’s services to obtain product and company information to help them source both products and services from and within Brazil.

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