MAY 4, 2018: Banco Patagonia and B2Brazil sign strategic agreement to promote Argentinean companies and products in the international marketplace

Partnership will connect buyers and sellers globally in general and between Brazil and Argentina in specific, as well as explore facilitating ecommerce transactions between Brazil and Argentina

São Paulo –  May 04, 2018: Banco Patagonia and B2Brazil closed a deal to develop a customized B2B trade portal so that the Bank’s small and medium-sized enterprise (SMEs) clients that export and import can promote their products and generate more business in the global market.  Further, the idea behind the partnership is to facilitate the huge volume of commerce between Brazil and Argentina through the development of a pilot transactional platform, connecting clients of Banco do Brasil (Brazil’s largest bank) and Banco Patagonia, both B2Brazil partners.  B2Brazil will be responsible for technological development while Banco Patagonia will be the responsible to promote the portal to its clients to enable them to use the platform.
The partnership includes:
  • the development of a B2B Trade Portal which will be used to promote exclusively Banco Patagonia’s clients using B2Brazil’s technology and interconnected with its database, but having Banco Patagonia’s “look & feel”;
  • a free and exclusive online profile for each Banco Patagonia client to promote their company and their products in 4 languages (Spanish, Portuguese, English and Chinese);
  • clients of Banco Patagonia will be promoted in other B2Brazil portals (such as B2Argentina), generating more traffic and opportunities to do business with companies from over 100 countries;
  • clients of Banco Patagonia will be identified with the Bank’s logo increasing their credibility in the global market;
  • online advertising space will be available for Banco Patagonia to promote its products, services and events to its clients and site visitors;
  • clients of Banco Patagonia will receive exclusive discounts for B2Brazil’s premium and add-on services.
“Argentina and Brazil are close and strong commercial partners with a trade volume from more than 27 billion dollars in 2017.  We have a great Brazilian exporters and importers on our platform that want to do business with Argentinean companies, and a solid strategic partner like Banco Patagonia will bring a very credible base of companies that will have increased business opportunities”, said Alexandre Ferreira Martins, a partner and director at B2Brazil. “Besides, we want to implement our pilot project for the launch of our transaction platform starting with the clients of our major strategic partners, Banco do Brasil and Banco Patagonia”, he said.
About the Banco Patagonia

Banco Patagonia is the continuation of a series of historical banks in Argentina and now part of the Banco do Brasil group, the largest financial conglomerate in Latin America, and has more than 200 locations throughout the Argentine Republic.  It is today one of the main banks in the Argentine financial system with products, services and latest-generation technological developments for all segments of customers, from people, public sector, agribusinesses, SMEs and corporations.
About B2Brazil

B2Brazil is the principal business-to-business marketplace between and among Brazilian companies and international companies. The companies that register on its marketplace create profiles that promote their products/services in the international market in the leading languages: Portuguese, English, Spanish and Chinese.  B2Brazil currently has a base of more than 55.000 registered companies, with 50% of these companies Brazilian and the other 50% non-Brazilian.  B2Brazil’s position as the leading B2B trade marketplace from Brazil has enabled strategic partnerships, including with Banco do Brasil, Apex-Brasil (Brazil’s federal trade agency), Google Brazil and China’s Dalian Manna.
Alexandre Ferreira Martins
(11) 5097-9492

About BP Trade Portal

BP Trade Portal is a leading business-to-business (B2B) company focused on providing digital solutions to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to engage in foreign trade. BP Trade Portal is the solution for firms wishing to expand their business in an effective and efficient manner, increasing international sales and prospecting global clients.