AUGUST 29, 2012: CACB and B2Brazil sign an agreement to promote CACB’s more than 2 million company associates globally

Project is the start of a strategic partnership between B2Brazil.com and CACB, one of the principal commercial and business organizations in Brazil.

São Paulo – August 29, 2012: The Câmara Brasil-China de Desenvolvimento Econômico (CBCDE) and B2Brazil Serviços Interativos Ltda. (B2Brazil.com) signed an agreement to mutually promote each other’s services to their respective members. CBCDE, an organization that aims to stimulate trade between Brazil and China, will promote B2Brazil.com to its associates to promote business between the countries. B2Brazil.com, a web portal focused on promoting Brazilian micro, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) internationally, will promote CBCDE to its growing member base. Through this cross promotion, their respective member will benefit from new channels to display and market themselves and meet potential business partners.

“CBCDE’s mission mirrors ours, while our purposes actually complement each other”, said Alexandre Martins, managing director of B2Brazil.com. “That is why our agreement is a very good one. Our membership base is growing and Chinese businesses generate a lot of traffic and leads on our service.”

"We are very excited to embark on this new partnership with B2Brazil.com," said Eliana Yang of CBCDE. "Brazil’s export potential is great and we share B2Brazil.com’s focus in promoting Brazilian businesses.”

Founded in 2001, the Câmara Brasil-China de Desenvolvimento Econômico (CBCDE) is a private nonprofit organization that aims to stimulate trade between Brazil and China. Our mission is to promote closer ties between government agencies, entities class and entrepreneurs, aimed at consolidating the commercial and cultural relations between the two countries. With operational bases in Brazil and in China, CBCDE offers an infrastructure capable of improving competitiveness and agility of the actions of its members. We provide advice to companies that already have operations in the Chinese market and want to improve them, as well as those wishing to enter this huge market.

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